My Dad Cover Final

My Dad’s a Policeman

Robert Druce’s account of his childhood and youth is a wonderfully written and evocative story. Intelligent and inquisitive, Robert describes in vivid detail his relationship with his dominating, ambitious father and the hardships of life in the outskirts of London during and after the Second World War.

An insatiable thirst for knowledge brings him into conflict with the ordered life of a grammar school. One teacher recognises the talent hidden behind Robert’s rebellious exterior, and becomes much more than a mentor.

As Robert enters his turbulent teenage years, he describes his sexual awakening with uncompromising honesty. While beginning to discover the complexities of personal relationships, he struggles to square his urge for independence with the continuing demands of his parents.

We follow Robert’s story as he copes with army life before continuing education at university, where he experiences the delights and anguish of first love.

My Dad’s a Policeman is available as a paperback at £8.99 (free postage within the UK) from Graham Frankel. For more information about buying a copy click HERE.

It is also available as an e-book HERE. The e-book does not contain the photographs that are included in the paperback version.